AMICO Security Looks to Play A Large Role in President-Elect Trump's Border Security Initiative

The Otay Mesa Crossing in California which uses an AMICO Security border fence system.

The AMIGUARD System, a high-security perimeter fence system, offers a cost–effective solution capable of reaching heights up to 40 feet.


AMICO Security has announced its AMIGUARD system, considered one of the most secure and cost–effective border solutions available on the market, is expected to play a large role in President Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

AMICO Security brings to the market extensive experience in building border walls and fences. The company’s high–security fence system currently secures a 36-mile stretch along the United States and Mexico Border near Yuma Ariz. at the San Luis Crossing and an 18-mile area at the Otay Mesa Crossing in California.

With President Trump’s call to expand the border wall between the United States and Mexico, AMICO Security has already seen a sharp increase in interest from several government agencies.

“AMICO Security is one of the only truly U.S.-owned manufacturers of high-security border fencing,” said Gary Baltz, an AMICO Security spokesperson. “In many speeches on President Donald Trump’s ‘Thank You Tour’, he stated the policy of his administration will be to buy American and to create American jobs.”

AMICO Security buys U.S.-made steel and produces its security fence panels in its U.S. factories with American workers, while many other competitors are foreign-owned and purchase raw materials from producers in Mexico and China.

“We hope our government will be vetting out those that are not in compliance with the buy America policy,” added Baltz.

AMICO is considered the largest manufacturer of Security Mesh in the world and has the capacity to meet a large demand. Security Mesh is an extremely cost–effective way to build a barrier and allows border guards to see through the fence structure and wind to pass through, thereby reducing wind resistance. These high–security meshes can be produced to meet anti–climb and cut requirements, making it very difficult to breach.

AMIGUARD’s patent–pending design allows for the simple integration of technology such as radar systems, which can classify targets and track movement along the border, in addition to anti–tunneling technology, detection devices, and video surveillance.

“We are a 76–year–old Alabama–based steel fabrication company, which has been hit hard by foreign imports, dumping and an unlevel playing field,” said Baltz. “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to increase production and put American workers back to work.”