AMIGUARD™ 5000 Series
Enhancing Safety
AMIGUARD™ 5000 Series Wire Fence System enhances the safety in a cost effective system

The AMICO Security™ AMIGUARD™ 5000 Series Wire Fence System addresses the drawbacks of chain link fencing. It enhances the safety in a cost effective system without compromising the visibility or aesthetics. The AMICO Security™ Wire system includes the 5500 double wire mesh and the 5700 wire mesh for enhanced security.

Both meshes are available in galvanized wire or coated with a polyester powder coating over galvanized wire. Panels come in 8 or 10 feet height. Both meshes can be installed using the AMIGUARD™ rail system or the railless Spider Clamp system.

For retrofit application, for example whenever someone needs to replace a chain link fence while keeping the existing posts, the AMICO Security™ offers the CHAMELEON™ retrofit system.

The Future In Mind

AMICO Security™ Wire mesh panels are produced in one of the largest plant for reinforcement products and fencing panels in the world. We always want to pay more, and continuous attention to the quality of our processes and thus the products, working conditions at our facilities and the associated environmental impacts. The same goes for sustainability. AMICO Security™ is committed to meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

AMIGUARD™ 5000 Series Wire Fence System Components
5500 Mesh
Double Galvanized Wire Panel

The 5500 mesh is a durable double wire panel made of both galvanized wire or coated with a polyester powder coating over galvanized wire. These very solid 8/6/8 double wire fences are perfectly suited for industrial estates, sports stadiums, public buildings, airfields, schools, etc.

5600 Mesh
3D V-mesh

The 5600 3D V-mesh is a cost effective solution for schools, residential, public and light industry applications. The 5600 Mesh is ideal for the AMIGUARD™ rail-less Spider Clamp System since the integrated V gives the 5600 Mesh a structural rigidness similar to a fence mounted on a rail system.

5700 Mesh
Wire Perimeter Security System

The 5700 mesh is a wire perimeter security system. The design makes it extremely difficult to scale or cut the fence without compromising visibility or aesthetics. The 0.5” spacing between the wires prevents getting a foothold for climbing, and it delays or deters cutting as power tools won’t fit in.

AMIGUARD POSTS™ & Infini-Rail™ System
Tying The System Together

AMIGUARD™ prefabricated posts are specifically designed to anchor the entire system to the ground. Unlike other fences, AMIGUARD™ allows the rail to pass directly through the post eliminating fittings and hardware which are potential weak points within the system. This feature also greatly reduces installation time and cost by eliminating fittings, clamps and the need to cut the rails during installation. 

Infini-Rail™ is AMICO’s continuous rail design which eliminates cutting rails between posts which is necessary when installing most traditional fences. The AMICO roll formed design has a highly engineered shape and is stronger and lighter than traditional rails. Infini-Rail™ ties the entire system together stretching the full length of the fence. It can also be utilized to run impact and fiber optic cables throughout the fence.


Patent Pending

CHAMELEON™ High Security Retrofit Fence System
The Ultimate Upgrade

The AMICO Security™ Wire Fire fencing system is fully compatible with our CHAMELEON™ retrofit system allowing to utilize existing fence posts, saving time and material. For example CHAMELEON™ allows the upgrade of an existing chain link fence.

AMIGUARD™ Spider Clamping System
A Cost Effective Solution

The AMICO Security™ AMIGUARD™ railless spider clamping system is the cost effective solution for applications such as recreation, schools, public buildings, self-storage, parking facilities etc.