AMIGUARD™ PERIMETER SYSTEM is a “unitized” system which incorporates innovative components. Tied together this creates a total curtain wall
perimeter barrier.

AMIGUARD™ is available in both galvanized and powder coated finishes, with up to a 10-year limited warranty.

AMIGUARD’s unique approach incorporates innovative solutions to solve common high security concerns including aesthetics, a seamless design, and ease of installation.

The AMICO system allows you to incorporate various types of infill panels, making it the most versatile high security option on the market.

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Available in Galvanized and Powder Coat Finishes

Unitized Construction
A Superior Perimeter System

“Infini Rails™” greatly enhance the strength of AMIGUARD™

AMICO’s unitized construction method ties the entire perimeter system together. Amiguard Posts™ anchor the complete system to the ground. The full length of the fence is tied together using Infini-Rails™. This ensures that any load or impact to the fence is distributed throughout the entire system, greatly enhancing the strength of AMIGUARD™. Each panel is tied together and through bolted to the framework with Diamond Fasteners™ and Finish Plates™. This creates a curtain wall to further enhance the strength of the system.

Scroll down to take a look at AMIGUARD™ individual components and how they work together to create a superior perimeter system.

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Amiguard Perimeter Security System

Available in Galvanized and Powder Coat Finishes

3 Step Unitized Process
Tying The System Together


Infini-Rail™ slides through the AMIGUARD POSTS™



Mesh or panel bolted to the Infini-Rail™ with Diamond Fasteners™

diamond fasteners


Finish Plates™ attached to the AMIGUARD POSTS™ and bolted through the mesh with Diamond Fasteners™

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Reduce Installation Time And Cost

AMIGUARD’s prefabricated posts are specifically designed to anchor the entire system to the ground. Unlike other fences, AMIGUARD POSTS™ are plasma cut to allow the Infini-Rail™ to pass directly through the post eliminating the need for fittings and hardware which are typical weak points within the system. This feature also significantly reduces installation time and cost by eliminating fittings, clamps and the need to cut the rails during installation.

Prevents Water Intrusion

The AMICO Secura-Sleeve™ is a two part insert that slides through the AMIGUARD POSTS™ to provide a smooth surface to pass the Infini-Rail™ through. Secura-Sleeve™ prevents water intrusion which would result in corrosion and freeze expansion that would compromise the performance and longevity of the system.

Stronger And Lighter Than Traditional Rails

Infini-Rail™ is AMICO’s continuous rail design which eliminates cutting rails between posts, typical in traditional fences. Infini-Rail™ is an engineered shape that is stronger and lighter than traditional rails. Infini-Rail™ ties the entire system together the full length of the fence. Additionally, it can discretely accommodate impact and fiber optic cables throughout the fence.

Mesh and Panels
A Customized System

The AMIGUARD™ system was designed to accommodate various types of infill. This allows customers to customize the system to defend against a wide array of threats. As the world’s largest producer of meshes for security, AMICO offers a wide array of medium to high security designs. These meshes can be produced to meet many project specifications including: anti-climb, anti-cut, ballistic, visual screening and a broad spectrum of architectural appearances.

AMICO exclusively offers mesh panels up to 8 X 12 ft. These larger panels help to eliminate seams, unsightly hardware and can reduce installation time.

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Mesh Examples
All Meshes Available in Galvanized and Powder Coat Finishes
A Safe Secure Attachment

The AMIGUARD™ panels are attached to the structure by our Diamond Fasteners™, allowing you to bolt panels directly to the Infini-Rail™. Diamond Fasteners™ are another step in our unitized process providing secure attachment that is difficult to breach.

Provide A Seamless Flow

AMICO Finish Plates™ provide a seamless flow throughout the entire length of the fence. The Finish Plates are bolted through the mesh panels and into the AMIGUARD POSTS™. Finish Plates™ provide a smooth surface to eliminate pry points. This is the final step in AMICO’s unitizing process – tying together the entire curtain wall while providing a finished, seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Corners and Rail Termination
Corners at Varying Degrees

The AMIGUARD™ system allows you to easily make both inside and outside corners at varying degrees. The Secura-Sleeve™ is also easily adaptable for post terminations.

Contact your AMICO Security™ specialist for more details and product information.


Inside Corner


Inside Corner Outside


Inside Corner


Inside Bottom Corner

AMIGUARD™ Mesh Details
Wind-load Requirements Determine
Post Size and Spacing
Proven to Withstand
Category 5 Hurricane Wind Speeds

The AMIGUARD™ system is one of the most thoroughly engineered and tested perimeter systems on the market today. This innovative perimeter barrier was developed to maximize strength, wind load, and breach time per ASTM standards. AMICO conducted Finite Element Analysis to verify AMIGUARD’S capacity. The results were then tested and verified at Georgia Tech’s aerospace wind tunnel.