Multi-Layered Defense System

Combining the ultimate physical perimeter system with the latest in next generation radar technology

AMICO provides turnkey solutions for critical facilities to detect unwanted intruders and stop them at the perimeter with the AMIGUARD, GroundAware® combined solutions.

Built on next-generation radar technology, GroundAware® detects intruders in real-time. It provides information through integrated live video, mobil alerts, and classification of targets as human, animal, aircraft, or vehicle, so owner/operators can to respond appropriately.


GroundAware Specifications
Powerful Surveillance Technology
  • Classifies targets – Human, Animal, Vehicle, Aircraft
  • Greatly reduces the number of cameras needed
  • Simple integration with existing equipment
  • Allows you to easily customize and set alarm zones
  • Intruder detection coverage GA4120 2000+ Acres, 4km range, GA1360 750+ acres, 2km diameter range
  • Simplifies monitoring
  • Intelligent alarms and alerts
  • Easy installation and ongoing support
GroundAware 360
360° Situational Awareness

Introducing GA360! GA360 is the newest model in the GroundAware family of surveillance sensors. It brings a new level of 360° situational awareness for critical infrastructure perimeter protection.

This new product automates real-time detection, tracking, and response to intruders within 2 km diameter range with a single PTZ camera.  That’s more than 750 acres with a single sensor.

GroundAware Classic digital beamforming radar
The Digital Beamforming Advantage
Observing The Entire Sector

For traditional scanning radars, slower targets require longer dwell time, which means reduced revisit time and surveillance volume. For you, this means a loss of valuable lead time and accuracy in threat detection.

The advantage at the heart of GroundAware® observes the entire sector in one dwell, detecting intrusions as they happen to instantaneously provide you with actionable information on potential threats.